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Mental Fitness is a framework to help us to address all the components in our lives that contribute to wellbeing.


Infinity is the official regional partner for Cognomie’s Mental Fitness tool. Mental Fitness is the capacity and ability to improve your performance through taking control of your state of psychological and emotional wellbeing. 


"Mental health is not a destination, but a process. It’s about how you drive, not where you are going" - Noam Shpancer

Identify and Manage

Mental Fitness is generated through the ability to identify and manage your internal capacities such as focus, attention, presence, perspective, confidence, the ability to appreciate strengths, positivity, determination and to achieve balance.

Engage Productively

Secondly, Mental Fitness enables an individual to engage productively with their environment (whether at work or home), to manage relationships positively, communicate effectively and to feel fulfilled, motivated and optimistic


A combination of all of these factors results in foundations of resourcefulness across the different skills and competencies important in a business setting. These include: the ability to maintain a healthy sleep pattern, work-life balance, personal confidence and to manage through uncertainty.

Developing a greater awareness of our Mental Fitness results in the development of a sense of wellbeing and happiness, valuable to each individual and invaluable to an organisation looking to sustain and improve business performance. 

Established on proven psychological models, a Mental Fitness Benchmark allows employees and employers everywhere to take a proactive approach to manage their wellbeing and happiness and to improve individual performance and organisational effectiveness.

Once you’ve completed the Mental Fitness Benchmark our platform will generate a report based on the data you’ve provided and email your personal Mental Fitness report to you.

Get in touch today to learn how you can get more from your everyday.

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